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    'Spaghetti' is a High Power, mixed medium, multiple format  parody & skit comedy, stunt & action, occasional dance, narrative episodic, drama. Our story center's around our main " TV/FILM Production Personality, "Spaghetti", & his freelance "crew" of unwitting cohorts & accomplices....., All of which, would much rather be filming another show, working on a different project or concept, "maybe even a mayonnaise commercial'......, instead of being contractually bound by "The Media Channel" to produce "this Horrible Disaster !!".....A.K.A., "Spaghetti", which is essentially 15 different "types/format’s" of shows, jammed into this same time slot, because of a lack of planning & improper business ethics. 

  Season 1

Sn.1,Ep.1 “The A’s to Z’s” The crew assembles to shoot an alphabet skit & pickup shots. We accidentally broadcast the finished segment, with the letters “QRS-VUT-WXYZ” & also learn we’re actually on TV & stuck in Television time “NOW” with no real plan.

Sn.1,Ep.2 “Back in Action” He’s called back to complete a full episode & sign a Deal Memo. He go’s threw an elaborate H2 Hummer chases Bike sequence to an important Lunch meeting.  Later he fights w/ a belligerent Extra who mimes well.

Sn.1,Ep.3 “ First & Final Time Line Equinox”…This is the first time Spaghetti sees the Naked Time Line Streakier-‘Equinox’, from the future… He’s our ‘Biggest Fan’ & explains to Spaghetti he’s been jumping back from the Future, to tell him not to join the show or sign any contract’s. He’s tried a bunch of times & ‘Now’ only missing the start by 2 episodes. Spaghetti suggest, if he’s really from the future…”why not just find your ‘present self’ & play the stock market?” Equinox never thought of that before, & supposes he could, because his ‘past self’ is probably sitting on the couch watching TV up the street & around the corner.

Sn.1,Ep.4 “Attack of the Power Rangers”-Rogue Producer ‘Jim’ book’s the Power Rang…-OPPS, ‘Super Color Hero’s’ to attack Spaghetti & crew to boost Ratings. Caught off guard & unaware, Spag. & crew accidentally execute 23 Power Rang- ‘Super Color Hero’s’ in self defense, during a Live National Broadcast. Arrange an impromptu ‘Media Blackout & Cover Up’ switching to cooking & home improvement skits.  Jim is jailed.

Sn.1,Ep.5 “Stoopid Mule Pushes Envelope”  On a desert shoot, Western style Spaghetti meets Salvador Dali. Simultaneously pushing the envelope & beating the dead horse of Comedy.  Rogue Producer Jim calls from prison, noting we’re missing a critical “Razor cuts eyeball” shot…. Then things get really out of control. 1000 freelancers show up to ‘get the shot’.

Sn.1Ep.6 “Guy In A Box” one of our crew gets stuck in a split screen box & even worse, when we cut to commercials his air runs short. Although we had a lot of other plans, the entire episode turns into a rescue mission. It Go’s on & on like ‘baby Jessica’ or a miner thing, with rescue trucks & News crews. We finally get him out & he quits the show.

Sn.1Ep.7 “Betting on the Horses”  The Horse from  ‘Desert Episode 5’ has nowhere to go… He Talks, is surprisingly good at Kung-Fu, Dancing & has been narrating the weekly show openings all along. The crew begs & coerces Spaghetti to keep him around, figuring we might be able to book him out for birthdays or bat mitzvah’s. Spaghetti hates the whole idea.

Sn.1Ep.8 “Cutting the Stunt Budget” Due to a tight budget, we must downsize our stunt sequences, progressively devolving from big car flips & Efx, threw lower grades of animation, & finally into fighting w/ Flip Book sketches & Shadow Boxing.


Sn.2,Ep.1 “The Love Season” The women demand to do less stunts & action, opting for more sensitive & feminine, family oriented programming. If the guys don’t cooperate the women threaten to splinter off & create their own internet programming or possibly lesbian porn.

Sn.2,Ep.3 Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” we keep seeing Pansy Spaghetti doing a faggy looking , but well sung & performed, Annie Song & Dance. He denies any involvement, dishonesty or psychosis because he’s hosting from ‘today’, & we won’t shoot & edit it all until tomorrow…. That night he wrestles w/ Angels & Demons about the future of the show… The following day he has to sing & dance like a Pansy for “professional courtesy” & “not wanting to let America down”


Sn.3,Ep.18 “Spaghetti Phone Home” Dexter uses Coconuts, Volcanic Cilicia, Plastic ocean debris, Palm Frauns, Wood, Twigs  & collected film crew junk to make an entertainment center for the hut, a garage door opener for our storage area, a water purification system, a mechanical foot massager, OHH, & a Satellite Communications Array to try to get us rescued.


Sn.4,Ep.6 “Call The Feds” First appearance of  Govnt. Spooks, Mr. Right & Mr. Left. Agents of the mysterious “Department of Internal Intelligence”. DII books the Spaghetti crew to produce counter intuitive & misleading Media Accounts.


Sn.5,Ep.7  “Twilight, Time Zone, Trauma” In the most difficult & shocking dilemma of linear cohesiveness yet… Dexter realizes we could do all 9 seasons, Or, we could probably cram it all into 5 to 6 seasons… Depending on how cheep the producers & network people want to be…  Spaghetti Vomits at the implications. Thankfully a giant Cat chases them threw this Maze/film set in glass bowl as a Giant Alien Girl watches & controls from above.  


Sn.5,Ep.25 ‘Spaghetti Wall, Take 39’   Desperate, disenfranchised & forlorn Spaghetti dances threw an Epic Rock-Opera, while contemplating all the woes & drama of today’s demanding Global Media Industry Empire & reckoning with his faith & core issues about ‘the meaning of it all’.


Sn.7,Ep.1 “Sensitive Moon Base Cover Up” Spaghetti is taken by DII to one of the cities on the moon, where he meets ‘dead’ celebrities & learns it is in fact made of cheese, & was actually colonized 500 years ago by pilgrim’s w/ wooden spaceships & giant glass & metal Oxygen & Water reserves. He must participate in global media dissemination w/ DII to hide the truth.


Sn.8,Ep.25 “Congressional Hearing”  Spaghetti is tried by US Congress for Fraud, Racketeering, Participation in Illegal international Media Sales & Broadcast, Tax Evasion, Insurance Fraud, Illegal Post Production Techniques, Illegal Stunt Techniques. Misleading, misinforming & misseducating the public. False Representation & Orchestration of an elaborate charade & cover up of colonization on the moon.


Sn.9,Ep.1 “Cup O’ Spaghetti” A small Freelance crew of film professionals assemble to make a Spec Commercial for the popular dinner/snack- “Cup O’ Spaghetti”. They also intend to produce captivating materials for ‘YouTube’ & the Internet.

Sn.9,Ep.25 “Trashcan Equinox Exfiltration Finale” The Final Spaghetti survivors are pinned down in a firefight w/ Police, CNN, The National Guard & many others. They fight back w/ Light Sabers, Laser Blasters & a Kung Fu fighting robotic Horse/Mule. Their Biggest Fan-‘Equinox’ see’s it live on TV & runs out to their rescue, deciding to ‘Jump Screen’ back to the Pilot episode, to warn Spaghetti “ They attempt a ‘Jump Screen Exfiltration’ threw a trashcan & into a Feature Film

 Spaghetti:  Outline 

Seasonal Episodes/ Chapters

1) Roll Camera! Spaghetti & Crew are assembled to shoot Inserts & Pickups for a short term gig. They have a bad day that never ends, realizing they are perpetually stuck in a live national broadcast ‘NOW’ with no real plan. Stunt's, Choreographed Technical Comedic Performance/Dance, Narrative Drama, Comedy Skits, Comedic Parody & Reality/Mocumentary.

2) The Love Season More Cooking Skits & Stunts. Comedic Parody. 1/2 hour sitcom & Soap Opera format, The women demand more equality, a lot of dominance & more feminine sensibilities & content.  We fight tooth & nail about it all.

3) Survivors/Revenge of the Jim Action /adventure exotic location. "Extreme Comedic Parody Challenges' *Narrative story line plot*  We’re exported to a desert Island paradise, to survive & battle returning producer Jim & his tribe.

4) Baby Pisghetti -Sit Com****Soap Opera & Sit Com format Subplot's**** Rebecca has baby Pisghetti, & things get more complex. Because of ‘Television Time” we go threw her pregnancy and the toddler years up to about age 8, all in one season.

5) Travel & Leisure Spies Non stop, Thrilling International, Action Adventure Narrative Main plot. The ‘Department of Internal Intelligence’ forces us to do Action/Spy adventure.

6) Wonder Year; Baby Pisghetti is 12 already! We do allot of ‘Coming of Age’ & Teenage Drama this year.

7) Big Business  Dolly Grip Mark Has become a big time Hollywood Director, & becomes a Producer on our show, replacing Jim.

8) Sensitive Moon Base cover Up  International action adventure!!! Spaghetti must covertly handle the greatest media conspiracy of all time… Global Misinformation Campaign about a colony on the moon. Eventually all this leads to a major Congressional Investigation, resulting in cancellation of our show.

9) "Cup O' Spaghetti" Grass Root Uprising reality/ cable access/ podcast, Comedic Parody.... U.F.O. & "Weird stuff" sighting's.... Conspiracy Theory Paranoid Drama.......

Feature Films/Chapters

1) Big Screen Spaghetti, Vs. Paparazzi La Boom.

2) 2 More Spaghetti, Bomber Boy Terror

3) Close Encounter of #3, Spaghetti in Space. w/ robotic horse mule!