Evolution Media Group, Pacific is a Broadcast Media, Feature Film, TV, Digital Art, & Internet Content production company. Operating in Los Angeles, San Diego & Honolulu, EMG Pacific provides Media Production services to both small businesses, mid-size corporations & large scale TV Shows & Feature Films. 

   With experience on 70+ titles, over 800 production days on Film, Television, Commercial, Music Video & Corporate Video sets, & aided by a vast network of industry professionals, Evolution Media Group, Pacific delivers high quality Media, & a professional work environment, on time & on budget. 

   Full service Development, Writing, Production, Editing, 3D Modeling, Animation, Motion Graphics & Visual Effects for Film & Television.

   Internet Presence, Content, Video, Marketing, Mailing, Optimization & complete Online Business & App Development.

   Complete Project Development, Production, Marketing, Placement & Distribution. 

EMG-Pacific  Content & Web Presence
   Michael Patrick Ford, is a Writer, Producer, Director & Assistant Director of Film, Television, Commercial, Corporate, Industrial & Online Media Content.

   This Site, is the E.M.G. account & development list of Author/Producer/Owner, Michael Patrick Ford. These projects include various media & entertainment properties, developed for national & international distribution.

   EMG-Pacific also owns & operates various Websites, YouTube Channels & Social Media Brands.

Est. 1998

(323) 300-4011   Los Angeles

(808) 721-3561  Honolulu

evomediapac@gmail.com <-within 48/72 hrs. 

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1047488

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