Krazy, is a Feature Film Comedy, chronicling the misadventures of a man who cannot remember his own Identity. Following a freak lighting strike accident, our hero awakes alone on a beach in Miami. He is thrust into a hostile & confusing world of divided people, conflicting values & sinister plots, seemingly all devised to exploit, victimise, criminalise & institutionalise him. He is incredibly Intelligent & talented, with a voracious appetite for learning. With some help from a few eclectic, hair brained & odd ball accomplices, he may be able to to create a solution & liberate himself from this troubled & compromised environment we call 'reality" & 'the way things are".


     A high power NY financial executive, argues w/ his bitchy girlfriend, on vacation in Miami. He angrily storms out of the motel, & hop's into the ocean to 'Cool off'  Lightning Strikes!!
     A confused man w/ no memory, awakes on the beach in Miami. He finds himself on the street, alone in a hostile & chaotic world of craziness, pursued & accused by the authorities & population.

    He is intelligent & interested. Gifted w/ imagination, creativity & inventiveness. No one likes that at all! He must be a threat or a con-man, up to no good, maybe even a terrorist!

    He achieves technical marvels & conceptual breakthroughs, armed only with scraps, trash & an education he's gathered over the internet!
    Over the next few years he has a series of bizarre experiences & misadventures, as he wanders America, tracked by investigative units & the powers that be. Along the way he meets sympathetic cohorts & accomplices, all odd ball, & victims of misfortune in their own right.

    Repeated attempts to empower himself, his friends & create practical solutions are met with great opposition from 'The Law" & "The System" He perseveres, constantly working on a 'Mysterious Project' in the midst of the controversy & madness.

    His friends & cohorts worry & warn, telling him he will be locked up or institutionalized forever, if he doesn't learn how to integrate & behave!
    Its not just idle paranoia, & as the authorities finally move in for "justice" he must flee & escape.

    Just in the nick of time, with the state closing in & surrounding his mysterious work space, he quickly boards & launches his amazingly magical, wondrous, brilliant, home made, trash/scrap- space craft/Winnebago.

   The Police helicopters cant catch him, as he races into the sunset & upper atmosphere & achieving Orbit, sparing only enough time on the way, to make a quick stop & pick up his cute Chinese, love interest, from her waitress job in Brooklyn!