Bliss is the story of an excommunicated Spiritual Guru who is attempting to reinvent his life and practice in Hawaii. After relocating to Lanikai from Topanga, California, he becomes embedded in a viscous turf war with a local Juice Bar owner. Vowing to conquer all opposition & 'Rise from the ashes of disgrace' within the worlds New Age community."Omm" A.K.A., 'The Master/The Healer/The Seer/ The Father' must enlist new followers, acquire new streams of financial revenue, Break the boundaries of earthly perception, enlighten common people & teach the world how to live. Omm offers this selfless service to anyone interested, in exchange for generous 'donations', absolute devotion & obedience, & whatever other perks he can collect along his journey of discovery & transcendence.  

Comedy,Mocumentary. Television/Web