Selling a property? Looking for local, national or even international buyers? 

     EMG Pacific caters to the niche market of 'Real Estate Photo & Video' with a very quick, simple & affordable approach, allowing you to reach your buyers with informative &  beautiful media, focusing attention on the specific qualities of each property you have to offer.

    We have three basic price structures, targeted towards the specific property & market each represents.


    Starting at $500 for a single family residence, we provide still Photographs of your sale property, & a simple informative 60-120 second 'Teaser Commercial Video" that illustrates a basic overview of the property & all of its attributes. This basic deal targets a local market for small properties selling at less than $1 million. We shoot the property for 1 day & provide the finished, edited video and photos for your use within 2 weeks, but usually within 4 days of shooting. *Note, this is not a 'video slide show' of still images, We shoot still Photos for print, and full HD Video of the property & all its major features, with smooth motion & beautifully cinematic transitions, titles, logos & captions.


    Our mid range package focuses on larger properties that sell at a larger price point. Along with still Photos & the basic 60-120 second 'Teaser Video' we also provide a much more in depth look at these properties with a narrated 3-7 minute video, which have many options for enhanced marketing tools such as '2d & 3d floor plans & architectural renderings', multiple 'aeriel drone shots & photos', or maybe a host/performers enacting a tour, or occupation of the property & enjoying its perks.  There are many specific options & features of enhancement available, depending on the specifics of your property & what you choose to showcase, but we can target & execute a great strategy for you, usually completing these video's within 2-4 weeks. Depending on the amount of Visual Effects & narrative content you require, we will plan & shoot for about 1 week, & can spend 2-3 weeks polishing a beautiful video. This package allows a seller to market a property internationally & the budget range for these video's will usually balance between $1000 - $3000, dependent upon your requirements.


    Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous? Do you represent a truly unique or exotic Luxury Property? How about a sprawling Estate or unique Commercial Enterprise, that is seeking a specific type of international buyer or investor? Do you want to reach buyers with a foreign language? Are you trying to attract tourist or visitors to your location or venue? Our highest range 'Luxury/Enterprise' deal caters to properties selling for $8+ Million, & focuses on projects or properties that require a very professional, polished marketing campaign.  Of course, these projects could run as long as 30 minutes, utilizing every trick & tactic known in cinema. Along with an outstanding Video, you may require additional On Line presence such as Advertisement, or interesting Blogging & News Article options in areas of 'Luxury Travel', 'Architectural Development', or 'Lifestyle'. Whatever the specific requirements for your property or enterprise may be, its safe to say that EMG, Pacific can offer you affordable plans to make your presence known, & have your points communicated in any market around the world. A specific budget is always dependent on specific requirements of the client & campaign, but we suggest a starting estimate of $4000 - $7500 for a 'Broadcast TV ready" spot between, 5-15 minutes long, which also includes On Line / Internet placement of written / photo / video materials that will reach an excess of 100,000 international viewers immediately.  This estimate is for initial 'Production' cost of media. 'Placement & Distribution cost' can vary depending on where or how often you'd like your media or advertisement campaign to run, but we have incredibly affordable options to reach a large, targeted, long term, international audience.

*** Seeking Television Commercial Placement for your firm? How about Video Advertisement for the Internet? Radio Advertisement? Maybe video coverage for business events?   

    30 second TV spots for Hawaii area, Oceanic Time Warner Cable, start with a bundle deal for commercial Production, Edit & Placement at $3,000 to $5,000. Additional ad placement can be purchased for continued runs of ads. Internet Web Video or banner ads might be either a good alternative, or nice addition to a Television Commercial campaign. 15 second Radio spots are also a good option for a growing business. EMG, Pacific can help you plan & execute the Advertisement strategy that is right for your business, maximizing exposure & reaching your customer base effectively.

    For Inquiries please contact us by Email or Phone. (808) 721-3561

Currently EMG Pacific is operating in Hawaii & California but we can travel, & are also networked with talented & professional Media Producers all over America & the World. Feel free to ask us about projects in any location.